0-3 Months Guide

My Newborn sleep guide covers all of the fundamental concepts of sleep and helps you to gain an understanding of how to ease your little one into the world of sleep in a gentle way.Plus you will also receive bonus information to deal with things cropping up in the future!

You will receive all of the below information plus access to the facebook group which now has videos to cover all sections of the plan. Plus we will have a weekly Q&A to ask any burning questions.

The price for all this is just £50

  • Intro to your new born sleep guide
  • Overview of sleep for 0-3 months

  • Daytime schedules
  • My recommended approach to the day

  • Bedtime advice
  • How to handle it and set yourself up well

  • Putting down to sleep
  • My recommended approach to it all

  • Nightfeedings
  • Expectations and how to handle them

  • Naps
  • Nap routines, get out clauses etc.

  • Helpful Hints
  • Top tips for this age range

  • Bonus Information
  • Nap transition guidance , early rising and travelling advice.

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newborn sleep guide