Join our next Sleep Workshop!

It’s all happening on the 14th June at Gymboree St Albans (map below) at 7:45pm – 9pm. CLICK HERE via paypal to securely buy your tickets and reserve your place!

So if you would like to learn all about your baby/infant or toddler’s sleep (up to 5) and find out how to fix any issues then our workshops are a great value way to find out how to get it fixed once and for all!

We’ll spend the time going through the everything you need to know and I’ll be answering all your questions. Plus you’ll get a free 15 min consultation with me included as part of the price! (the consultation will be done after the event on the phone)

I promise there will be no talk about ‘crying it out’ and you’ll get my best tips and advice on how to improve your sleep situation whatever your child’s age.

Build your own Sleep Workshops

Perfect for getting your NCT or Ante/Postnatal group together to learn about sleep!
At a time that suits you we can all get together to cover the following;
– Why sleep is so important and how children’s sleep actually works
– The Do’s and Don’ts of Sleep (i.e Props)
– How to set your child up for the best bedtime and techniques to get them to sleep.
– The importance of naps and how to help get them sorted
– What to expect from your child’s sleep and when they ‘should’ be sleeping through the night.
– How to handle bumps in the road and why sleep regressions don’t have to be a big thing!

You’ll get my best tailored tips to your age group, the opportunity to ask questions throughout the time and a 15 min private phone consultation!

£20 per person
(private sessions 5 people minimum or join a group session, see website for the next scheduled event)
Travel costs charged outside of St Albans area.

The sessions will be held at Gymboree St Albans – 11 Hatfield Road, St Albans, AL1 3RR
Here’s a couple of quote from previous attendees;

‘Thank you so much Kate, the advice you gave us was invaluable to improving my babies sleep!’

‘Thanks again for the seminar, I learned so much about my babies sleep and since coming along we’ve made so many improvements!’