Success Stories

One of the best parts of this job is helping families transform their sleep situations and hearing how they are now doing. Here are a few letters from my most recent clients:

Kate has worked wonders with getting Betty to sleep through the night and we couldn’t have done it without her. Her calm and soft approach meant that we all stayed happy throughout the process. Not once did betty feel stressed by the change in routine. Her positive support meant that we always stayed on track and achieved more than we thought was possible!

Sleep is now restored for the whole family!

Thank you Kate, you’ve been amazing X

Betty 3 years old

“I was almost at breaking point when I contacted Kate. My 13 month old, Marnie was waking sometimes up to 8 times a night, she was relying on myself to assist her to fall asleep either by me rocking her or giving her a bottle of milk. In turn she wasn’t eating much food in the day as she was full from all the milk in the night.
I was nervous she would wake our 5 year old daughter so I always went into her as quickly as I could!
Kate gave us a simple to follow new sleep routine and within 4 days and ever since Marnie has slept from approx 8pm-8am.
Thank you so much Kate! You’ve done wonders for us all as a family! “


“I have been left wondering why we didn’t get advice from Kate sooner! Kate produced a sleep training program that was tailored to our family life and gave us the confidence to implement it. At no point was our daughter upset by the sleep training and our fears of even worse sleepless nights, while she adjusted, never materialised. We are very pleased, thank you Kate!”

16 month old girl

‘Our 5 year old was becoming progressively worse with his sleep, waking several times a night and resulting in us feeling like parents of a newborn again. Following a recommendation by a friend we met with Kate who put together an easy to follow night time strategy to help him break his bad habits. Within 3 days he was sleeping through and now a month later we are back to full night’s sleep and being a happy family again! Kate gave us invaluable advice and the confidence to implement it, we are thrilled with the results.’

5 year old boy

I gave kate a call after trying lots of different things half heartedly.
She gave me a clear plan and supported me through so I stuck to it. It’s worked.
Sometimes I think we know what we should be doing but we doubt ourselves and don’t give it long enough.
Kate’s encouragement and knowledge gave me the confidence to keep going and not give up at the first hurdle.
It wasn’t distressing for either us or my son and he is now falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night. I feel a new person.
Even after our two week holiday he has gone straight back to this.
Thank you Kate!

Boy 19 months.

Our 3.5 year old son has never really slept through the night at any stage and I had reached a point where I couldn’t handle the constant nightly wake ups anymore. With a new baby on be way, I really felt we needed a solution. Kate was recommended to me by a friend and I am so so pleased. Kate’s approach made total sense and having her constant support made me feel confident in training my son to sleep without doubting myself. It took about 10 days for my son to start sleeping through and I just never ever thought that day would come! I can’t thank Kate enough.

3 1/2 year old boy

I contacted Kate after my 17 month old son was still not sleeping through the night. He was on average waking about 5 times a night and most nights I had to sleep in his room with him and me in the spare bed as he wouldn’t settle. I was at the end of my tether but after Kate gave us a sleep plan to follow almost immediately his sleep improved and he’s now slept through the night almost every night since. He’s happy to go down in his cot for naps or for bedtime and the improvement to all of our sleep has been amazing. I heartily recommend talking to Kate if your child isn’t sleeping properly. I can’t believe we left it so long.

17 month old boy

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kate for the incredible support and advice she has given us to help us get our 4 year old to sleep through the night. Our little man is more happier, calmer and rested, all of which is priceless. Thanks Kate for all your help.

4 year old boy

Right from the outset when picking our sleep consultant Kate felt like the natural choice. Unlike others we spoke to, she took the time to listen and took us as an individual case, rather than the one size fits all approach. We got great results, and much quicker than anticipated in a way that we were comfortable with. Our daughter is now a great sleeper and we feel we have the tools to deal with any likely bumps we come across. Kate gave us so much support during the process and we felt she was really invested in what we were trying to achieve. Highly recommend!

8 month old girl.

Our baby slept well up until about 6 months, when for some reason things started to get progressively worse: more wakings, taking longer to settle and “needing” milk and cuddles to get her to sleep. We tried to resolve things by ourselves, but were totally unstructured, had no staying power and felt generally unhappy and exhausted. Kate turned all of that around in less than two weeks and we still can’t believe it. It feels totally revolutionary. Her sleep plan used a gentle approach and provided the flexible framework we needed which was easy to follow. Having ongoing support was also very reassuring and meant that any queries could be resolved quickly. Kate also made suggestions on how to subtly change our ways to help facilitate napping and sleep. Meelah can now self-settle within minutes and has been sleeping right through for several nights in a row now. The change is incredible. Choosing to work with Kate is one of the best investments we have made and I can’t recommend her enough.

Meelah 10 months old.

‘Thanks to Kate, our 14-month old now sleeps through the night. Before we sought her help our baby was waking several times per night and would only go back to sleep after a breastfeed, unable to self-soothe. Kate’s personalised, dedicated and understanding approach was key to the progress that we made. We now have a baby who is well-rested when he wakes in the morning, and my husband and I are no longer on the cusp of exhaustion. I only wish we had called in Kate sooner.’

14 month old boy

Working with Kate has been amazing. She is very professional and experienced with all aspects of baby and infant sleep, and has completely changed our lives. Within the space of a few weeks, our daughter went from waking several times every night to sleeping through for 10-12 hours. Her methods really do work!

19 Month Old Girl

We asked Kate for help as our nearly two year old wasn’t sleeping well and we had got ourselves into some pretty bad habits (such as staying with him until he was asleep and then backing out of the room painfully slowly in fear that he would stir and wake again). I was really nervous about filling out Kate’s sleep questionnaire and our subsequent skype call but I had no need to be. Kate is amazing, she is really professional but, best of all, there is no judgement and she puts you completely at ease. She listens to your situation and helps you formulate a plan with her support and guidance. We put the plan into action and it worked! Pretty much straight away we saw a huge improvement. Kate stayed in touch and supported us through the implementation of the plan and helped with any follow-up questions we had. I know a lot of people say the same thing but I wish I had called Kate sooner as she completely turned our nights around. A big thanks from all of us

2 yr old boy

Following a conversation with Kate we saw immediate positive results! Our daughter started to nap longer and self settled in the night!
Kate listened and gave advice without being judgemental about anything we had done previously. She is professional and I recommend anyone with baby sleep troubles to have a chat with her!

18 month old Girl

We would definitely recommend Sleep Time Baby. The plan was so easy to follow and it really worked for our family. The plan was tailored to our family situation. Our baby responded very well to the plan and there was no crying it out method which was something we didn’t want to do. Communication and support was amazing from Sleep Time Baby. We cannot rate Sleep Time Baby enough.

14 Month old Girl